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Q: What do you need to create a three-dimensional portrait (a three-dimensional image of my favourite object)?

A: - When it comes to PORTRAITS, there are TWO alternatives:

1. Click here, choose a crystal that suits you photo, upload your photo during the ordering process.
In that case the crystal will be sent to you within a couple of working days.

2. Visit us with your own photo, preferably a digital one, but if you only have a paper photo, it will work as well.
In that case your crystal will be ready in a couple of working days.

- When it comes to OBJECTS, in most cases people are satisfied with 180 degrees 3D.
To create it we only need a single good photo and the ONE-TIME fee for the creation of 3D will SEK 300-500.
If for some reason you want a 360 degrees 3D, there are TWO alternatives:

1. If you have your own CAD file (3D file), more often than not we wil be able to use it.

2. If you do not have a CAD file, take 10-20 photos of the object from different angles.
Then the ONE-TIME fee for the creation of 3D model will be around SEK 1000.
Of course you are entitled to considerable quantity discounts if you order large quantities.

Q: Is my picture going to produce a good result? Is my picture suitable?

A: It is important that you consider the following when choosing a picture for 3D (three-dimensional engraving):

- choose a portrait photo (medium shot or close-up) where the face/faces
are completely visible (the face is more or less turned forward and no part of it is hidden behind anything)
- avoid photos with caps/hats etc
- avoid photos where some part of the head/heads is cropped
- choose a photo with good sharpness, contrast and resolution
- avoid photos with dark shadows or too much sun on the faces

Consider the following when chosing a picture for 2D (flat engraving):

- chose a photo with high sharpness, contrast and resolution
- avoid dark photos
- avoid photos with large white areas
- pictures between 500 kB and 5000 kB work best

If you are uncertain, just send us an e-mail and attach your photo/photos.
We reply swiftly during our business hours.

Q: Is it OK if my photo is black and white?

A: Color doesn't matter at all.

Q: What is going to happen to the picture background?

A: When it comes to 3D, we always separate the subject from the background. You don't need to do it yourself.
The same goes for our pendants, although not i every case.
2D orders are, however, engraved as they are.

Q: Can you combine persons from different photos in the same crystal?

A: Yes, it is possible, even if the pictures are of different sizes (except for the cases when the resolution or quality of the pictures differs too much). But id we are to to the job of combining the photos ourselves, we will charge you SEK 200 more for the job.

Q: Is it glass or plastic/acryl?

A: It is OPTICAL CRYSTAL (K9). It would be impossible to engrave with such precision and resolution inside acryl/plexiglass etc.
Optical crystal is artificial crystal of the highest quality: without any green hue, without bubbles and with optically polished surfaces.

Q: How does the image get inside the crystal?

A: When we have created a 3D file, we process it with our powerful software and prepare a so-called Point Cloud, which is sent to our advanced laser machine.
Special optics ensures that the laser beam focuses its entire energy in a certain point, a certain coordinate, and creates 2000-4000 microscopic explosions per second inside the crystal.
The result is hundreds of thousands, sometimes millions pixel-sized bubbles that refract light and create the image.

Q: Does the engraving fade over time?

A: No, your 3D engraving is etched inside the crystal forever.

Q: Do the products need any special care?

A: No, the only thing you will need to do from time to time is wipe off fingerprints from the crystals. An ordinary window cleaner works just fine.

Q: Is the engraving visible without special lighting?

A: What is actually more important is DARK, preferably black background behind the crystal A COUPLE OF INCHES AWAY. Never put the crystal against a white wall. The engraving consists of WHITE bubbles and whatever is darker in the picture is more transparent in the engraving.
So if you place it against white, everything will turn white and the image will almost disppear.
Thus, if the wall is white, just place a bit of black paper behind the crystal.
Of course, the image will look even better if you use lighting. The light can come from below or from above. If you have a display cabinet or a shelf with downlights, it will work just fine. You can also put the crystal under a table lamp at an angle.
A sunny day you can just put on on any windowsill.
If you need something special, we have a choice of lighting plates that suit different crystals.

Q: How soon can I get my crystal or my pendant?

A: We work fast: normally your order will be dispatched within a couple of working days, except the weeks closer to Christmas. You can also order Express, which means that if you order on weekdays
before 4pm, we guarantee that your order will be dispatched the next working day. Cost SEK100.

If you have questions call us: +46 31 806 705 or send us an email: info@crystalmemories.se