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We can work with almost any pictures but if you want a really excellent result it is important that you consider the following when choosing a picture for 3D (three-dimensional engraving):

- choose a portrait photo (medium shot or close-up) where the face/faces
are completely visible (the face is more or less turned forward and no part of it is hidden behind anything)
- avoid photos with caps/hats etc
- avoid photos where some part of the head/heads is cropped
- choose a photo with good sharpness, contrast and resolution
- avoid photos with dark shadows or too much sun on the faces

Recommendations for 2D (flat engraving) are simpler:

- chose a photo with high sharpness, contrast and resolution
- avoid dark photos
- avoid photos with large white areas
- pictures between 500 kB and 5000 kB work best

If you are uncertain, just send us an e-mail and attach your photo/photos or, alternatively, use this form.

Here you can see some photos that show what is GOOD and what is LESS GOOD
(those are just recommendations for perfect results, we can, however, work with almost ANY pictures)

- GOOD - a frontal close-up, good lighting, good focus, good contrast, good resolution, the head is not cropped, nothing in the foreground, no 'effects', nothing protrudes too far forward or back, no overexposed or underexposed parts

- LESS GOOD - blurry

- LESS GOOD - overexposed

- LESS GOOD - underexposed

- LESS GOOD - low resolution

- LESS GOOD - prosessed with the so called 'effects'. Popular nowadays on Instagram end elsewhere but choose rather photos without those artsy 'effects'

- LESS GOOD - cropped parts of the head (can look good in normal flat pictures but look much more strange i 3D)


- LESS GOOD - parts of the motive are hidden behind something

- LESS GOOD - semi-profile. Profiles are ok but SEMI-PROFILES are just another example of pictures where some parts are hidden behind other parts: the nose covers one of the cheeks and maybe even an eye

- LESS GOOD  snowflakes or raindrops in front of the motive (they won't disappear in 3D)

- LESS GOOD - backlight makes the contours of the head overexposed while the face gets underexposed

- LESS GOOD - the sun or some other powerful light source comes from one side making one side of the face overexposed and the opposite side underexposed

- LESS GOOD - shadows on the face (they won't disappear in 3D)

- LESS GOOD - 'selfies' where the arms are visible. We create a THREE-DIMENSIONAL model from photos and in 3D the arms are going to protrude so far that there will be need for too much space inside the crystal block. The hands will look chopped off. Selfies DO work but remember to hold the camera steadily, have enough light and consider that we will have to crop the photo in a way that the arms are not visible

If you have questions call us: +46 31 806 705 or send us an email: info@crystalmemories.se