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Please note! Our physical shop in Göteborg closes at 3pm on July 21 and will be closed 22 July - 20 August.
Orders made in our webshop before 5pm CET on 20 July will be dispatched on 21 July.
Later orders will be processed sequentially starting 18 August.
Replies to your e-mails sent during that period may also be delayed until then.
We wish you a nice summer!

If you have questions call us:
+46 31 806 705
or send us an email at:

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We create a 3D image from your flat photo.
Alternatively, if you can visit our shop in Gothenburg, Sweden, we 3D-scan you with our 3D camera. In that case, we get a 3D file straight away from the 3D camera so your 3D portrait in crystal will be ready in no time, usually while you are waiting.
Pease note! The 3D scanning takes around 3 seconds so IT DOESN'T WORK WITH CHILDREN UNDER 4 YEARS OF AGE OR PETS.

We process the 3D file in our powerful software and create a so called Point Cloud which is sent to the laser engraving machine.

Our advanced laser machine etches the image inside the crystal with high resolution and precision.
The speed is several thousand dots/pixels per second.
The surface is left untouched.

Our crystals come in many different shapes and sizes.

If you have questions call us: +46 31 806 705 or send us an email: info@crystalmemories.se